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Azurmendi – Book signed and dedicated by Eneko Atxa

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Editorial: Montagud
ISBN: 9788472121
Language: Bilingual edition: English/Spanish

444 pages
24×28 cm
Hard cover

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Located in Larrabetzu (Bizkaia) and integrated into the side of a hill planted with native vineyards, Azurmendi is a unique bioclimatic building. It is also a space integrated into the nature that surrounds it, where sustainable development is combined and gastronomy is worked on as a received heritage and the right of future generations.

But much further, Azurmendi is the true reflection of excellence. Eneko Atxa manages with his culinary philosophy (and also vital) to make this house an example of good taste and know-how.

Enjoy in the 444 pages of this book on the history of Azurmendi, the emotional dictionary that makes up Eneko Atxa’s ideas, 75 majestic creations and 62 photographed step-by-step processes to further facilitate the preparation of recipes.